2018 Bicentennial Events

**Please note that these schedules are still tentative.**

This year we will be displaying a display of "The War of 1812" from Archives of Ontario, Toronto, Canada.  This display will arrive mid-April and remain on loan until October 2018 in the Visitors Center.

The display "War on the Sea: The Naval War of 1812" from the Naval Museum in Washington D.C. will also be on display in the Visitors Center this year.

June 2nd & 3rd
We will be honoring the veterans from the War of 1812 at the Monument to the Deceased.  Over thirty known men participated in the war and were stationed at Ft. Atkinson.  Mr. Conyers will play taps and all names will be read with a salute.  A display book of the military records of these men will be compiled and put in the Visitor Center.  These records will come from the National Archives.

June 30th - July 1st:  Old Fashioned 4th of July with the focus on 1812
War of 1812 Displays at the Visitor Center (Canada's and Navy's)
10:00 am - Flag Raising
10:30 am - Dr. Don Hickey "After the Fact of the War of 1812" at the Council House (Saturday), "Evolution of the Icon Uncle Sam" and book signing in the Visitor Center (Sunday)
                  - Penny Ankenbauer (Mary Pickersgill) to give history of the flag in the Craft Room
11:00 am - Dolly Madison appears at the school
12:00 pm - Ice Cream in the Locust Grove with Dolly Madison cakes
12:30 pm - Recognition of the veterans of the War of 1812
1:00 - 2:30 pm - Reading of the States
2:30 - 3:00 pm - Dolly Madison appears at the school
4:30 pm - Drummer's Call
4:45 pm - Retreat

August 4th - August 5th:  Focus on the Native traditions on the Council Bluffs before 1812
**August 3rd: Steve Tamayo and group will erect 3 of 4 teepees by the Council House
10:00 am - Flag Raising
10:00 am - Setting up of the 4th teepee so visitors can experience and learn how this is done
11:00 am - Young Spirit Dancers (Saturday), Steve Tamayo and group will make and play Native games, create and decorate blunt arrows for target shooting (Sunday)
Teepee's to be taken down on Sunday
4:30 pm - Steve Tamayo's group to sing Flag song in the corner of the barracks
4:35 pm - Flag lowering
4:45 pm - Retreat