2018 Bicentennial Events

**Please note that these schedules are still tentative.**

This year we will be displaying a display of "The War of 1812" from Archives of Ontario, Toronto, Canada.  This display will arrive mid-April and remain on loan until October 2018 in the Visitors Center.

The display "War on the Sea: The Naval War of 1812" from the Naval Museum in Washington D.C. will also be on display in the Visitors Center this year.

June 30th - July 1st:  Old Fashioned 4th of July with the focus on 1812
War of 1812 Displays at the Visitor Center (Canada's and Navy's)
10:00 am - Flag Raising
10:30 am - Dr. Don Hickey "After the Fact of the War of 1812" at the Council House (Saturday),                           -"Evolution of the Icon Uncle Sam" and book signing in the Visitor Center (Sunday)
                   - Penny Ankenbauer (Mary Pickersgill) to give a history of the flag in the Craft Room
11:00 am - Dolly Madison appears at the school
11:30 am - Ice Cream in the Locust Grove with Dolly Madison cakes
12:00 pm - Recognition of the veterans of the War of 1812
1:00 - 2:30 pm - Reading of the States
2:30 - 3:00 pm - Dolly Madison appears at the school
4:30 pm - Drummer's Call
4:45 pm - Retreat

August 4th - August 5th:  Focus on the Native traditions on the Council Bluffs before 1812
**August 3rd: Steve Tamayo and group will erect 3 of 4 teepees by the Council House
10:00 am - Flag Raising
10:00 am - Setting up of the 4th teepee so visitors can experience and learn how this is done
11:00 am - Young Spirit Dancers (Saturday), Steve Tamayo and group will make and play Native games, create and decorate blunt arrows for target shooting (Sunday)
Teepee's to be taken down on Sunday
4:30 pm - Steve Tamayo's group to sing Flag song in the corner of the barracks
4:35 pm - Flag Lowering
4:45 pm - Retreat