2019 Bicentennial Events

**Please note that these schedules are still tentative.**

When the Native Population meets the Soldiers:  A cross of cultures
Smithsonian Display in the Visitors Center:  July 1st - September 1st: Patriot Nations

August 3rd & 4th
10:00 am - Flag raising
10:30 am - Presentation by Don Borcherding on Andrew Talcott
11:30 am - Matt "Sitting Bear" Jones, Humanities speaker (Kiowa Tales, Oto-Missouria Tribe, Oto & Missouria meet Big Knives)
12:30 pm - Eagle T. Knife Chief, to meet the troops/children in school
1:15 pm - Steve Tamayo to arrange the traditional Pow wow  with drum group
2:00 pm - Archaeology and info about Engineer's Cantonment 
4:30 pm - Drummers Call
4:45 pm - Retreat

October 5th & 6th: Focusing on Different Cultures
Buffalo butchering and processing:  Historical Trekkers to do with Steve Tamayo and students to use the buffalo hide to make raw-hide
Demonstration of tanning with brains process
Native story-telling