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6th Infantry

CLICK HERE to download a complete biography of the 6th Infantry portrayed at Fort Atkinson. Here are a few quick facts:

Nickname: "Regulars"

On the verge of the War of 1812, the US Infantry was strengthened and the 11th Infantry was created. Following the war, the Army was downsized and the 11th was consolidated with four other regiments. The resulting 6th Infantry was placed under Colonel Henry Atkinson (namesake of Fort Atkinson), the sixth-ranking commander at the time.

At Fort Atkinson, we portray the light and artillery companies, Companies A and G, respectively.

Light Infantry Weapon: .69 caliber smooth-bore , flintlock musket with a walnut stock, bright-finished metal parts, bayonet, and no front or rear sight.

Notable Uniform Component: Blue wool dress coatee.