Fort Atkinson Foundation

The Fort Atkinson Foundation was chartered in 1961 with a mission "dedicated to the acquisition of the Fort Atkinson site and its restoration." Through the accomplishments of the Foundation, Fort Atkinson has been resurrected from beneath the cornfields where it lay for more than a century and a half.

Thanks to the support of the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, the Nebraska State Historical Society and many private corporations, Fort Atkinson stands ready to greet thousands of visitors each year. Through the efforts of living-history volunteers under the direction of the Friends of Fort Atkinson, the site comes alive with much to offer the visitor. But there is much work yet to be done.

To achieve the full potential of the fort as a teaching tool and historical site, the Foundation is working to build additional structures, repair existing ones, and create a true living-history exhibit with the ongoing purchase or manufacture of appropriate period items.  These include uniforms, cookware, furnishings, tools, cannons, muskets and much more. 

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